Why Allah Gives Us Difficulties


Sometimes people ask a question, “I am trying to be the best Muslim. Why do I have difficulties?” 

My brothers and sisters, Allah [SWT] did not promise you that, you will not have difficulties. If that was the case, there would have been no challenges in the life of the best of creation Muhammed [SAW]. But Allah [SWT] promises you that he will help you through those challenges in a way that you remain content and pleased with Allah [SWT]. 

This is why Islam and Iman rotates around several pillars. One of these pillars is ‘I bear witness and I believe firmly that good and bad faith is actually from Allah [SWT]’. I will be pleased with it. To be happy with the decree that Allah [SWT] has chosen for you and I. This is part of our belief. 

So people ask this question. I'm trying my best. Why are things still coming in my direction? 

These questions are not connected. The condition of your heart is what is important. You are a happy man, you have a challenge, you are struggling to pay your rent, you are looking for a job, you're looking for a spouse, you're trying to quit your bad ways and habits. But you know that you're pleasing Allah [SWT]. The condition of your heart, you will always be smiling. Whereas a person could be bestowed with so much in terms of this worldly material life. He may never be happy. He may not be content. 

So there are people who do good. They just do it without any belief. I'm sure you've come across people who don't believe in god. They don't believe in the hereafter. They don't believe that there is heaven and hell. But they do good. Sometimes they are disciplined. Sometimes they have brilliant character and conduct. What happens to them? What will Allah [SWT] do to them? 

I'm sure there has to be something in the Quran that Allah [SWT] mentions connected to those types of people. Well before we get there let me explain with us like I said firstly we want goodness in this world. Secondly, we want Jannatul Firdose. The day that we are taken away. We want a good death. You know when you hear that someone died in the month of Ramadan. Obviously it's great news. 

There is a chance that person will be looked at with the mercy of Allah [SWT]. If they've died a natural death and they have not openly gone against the command of Allah [SWT]. They have not usurped the right of another. So you know people say oh this person died in Ramadan. They're going straight to Jannah. 

Well, there is a little bit of detail in that regard. If a person commits suicide in Ramadan. What about them? We say leave it to Allah [SWT]. It was wrong for the person to do that. It is punishable. You and I know that suicide is haram. But if a person has done something evil in the month of Ramadan, then can we say that they're going to go straight to heaven. Because they died in the month of Ramadan. The answer is ‘No’. It's up to Allah [SWT]. 

We know the warnings. We know how prohibited it is. But we leave it to Allah [SWT], the same applies if a person is a drunkard and he doesn't fast. He died in Ramadan. Perhaps Allah [SWT] may look at him with the eye of mercy. But it doesn't mean that he will fly straight into Jannatul Firdous. Let's remember this. 

So there is a little bit of detail. If you have stolen someone's wealth. You have usurped a person's right or you have oppressed someone. You cannot expect to die in Ramadan. That Allah [SWT] will simply grant you Jannah without taking account of what you did to other people. You stole their wealth. What about that you need to answer. You oppressed someone, you swore them, you made life difficult for them, you need to answer. 

So these are all details governing the death. However it is indeed a blessed death to die in Ramadan. We cannot deny it. It's like it's a blessed day. It's a blessed death. 

If a person were to die. For example in Makkatul Mukarrama. In the Mataf. It's a blessed death. We indeed acknowledge that it's blessed. That blessedness is because either the timing is blessed or the place is blessed. A person who passes away in Salah. May Allah grant that to us. If you want it, remember to increase your Salah. So you increase the chances of passing away in Salah. 

A month back I'm sure we saw one of the reciters of Indonesia who passed away while reading the Quran. Subhanallah. It was something unique. I'm sure we all make Dua that Allah [SWT] grants him Jannah. That Allah also gives us a good death. 

So my brothers and sisters, we should be concerned about the hereafter. If you live with the concern about how you are going to fare in the hereafter, Allah [SWT] will give you a good death. Inshallah. You are concerned about how you are going to fare on the day of judgement. You read your salah, you give your zakat. Inshallah by the will of Allah [SWT], You will have a beautiful death and Allah [SWT] will take you into his mercy. 

Someone passes away. What do we say? “Rahmatullah Alaih”. The person has passed into or crossed over into the Mercy of Allah [SWT]. May Allah [SWT] have mercy upon all of us. 

Those who don't believe in the hereafter. When they do good. Allah [SWT] says: I don't oppress anyone. I have to acknowledge it. What do they believe in? They believe that it's just this world. They don't believe in the hereafter. In that case Allah [SWT] says: “We will give them their prize in this world. So what will happen to them? Because they were kind to others.

Allah [SWT] gave them good health, better health than you and I. Because they were really beautiful human beings, character wise and so on. They were very benevolent. They reached out to so many poor and destitute, Allah [SWT] gave them children who were the coolness of their eyes.

Then Allah [SWT] says: Those who don't believe in the hereafter. Those who don't believe in Jannah and Jahannam in heaven and hell. We have recompensed them in advance for all the deeds that they had done, the good deeds we gave them in this world in lieu of those deeds whatever goodness was equivalent to their deeds. 

Then on the day of judgement, their deeds are like ash. That is strewn all over; there are now coupons that are used. We receive coupons. We're keeping those, we need them in our grave, we want them in the hereafter. Inshallah. But if you were to spend your coupons just now. Everything is gone. What do you expect to be in store for you later on. May Allah [SWT] guide us. 

We need to save ourselves. Not just from the disasters of this world. But more importantly from the disasters of the hereafter. Because we will be dead for a longer time than we were ever alive on earth. Remember that. We will be resurrected and thereafter. We will be living forever and ever. May Allah [SWT] have mercy on us. 

Never lose hope in the mercy of Allah [SWT]. No matter what you've done. Never ever lose hope in the mercy of Allah [SWT]. You are not a write-off. You have not committed a crime that is beyond the forgiveness of Allah [SWT]. Remember this. For as long as you are breathing. Turn to Allah [SWT]. Seek his forgiveness. I promise you that forgiveness will be written down in your records. It will come on the day of judgment to help you. You sought forgiveness of Allah [SWT]. Keep trying.



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