Trust In Allah [SWT] - He Makes Life Easier

When the Prophet [SAW] and Abu Bakr [RA] were doing the Hijra from Makkah to Medina. They took shelter in that the Quraysh were so close to finding Abu Bakr [RA] and the Prophet [SAW]. So that Abu Bakr [RA] himself began trembling. He whispered to the Prophets [SAW]. 

He said: “ Ya Rasulullah. They are so close, I can see their feet. If they only look down they will see us”. 

Our Prophet [SAW] said: “ Oh Abu Bakr, what do you think of two people the third of whom is Allah [SWT]” 

That confidence and optimism calmed Abu Bakr [RA] down. When they had no army and they had no help other than Allah [SWT]. This is but one indication of a very important concept in the life of every believer. That is to have good thoughts of Allah [SWT] and to think the best of the plan of Allah [SWT]. To be optimistic. In Arabic we have “Husnul Zann”, to think the best thoughts of Allah [SWT]. This is a part and parcel of our Iman. 

The believer only thinks good of Allah [SWT]. The believer does not allow his mind to wander to negative thoughts, to evil thoughts. The believer focuses on the positive and thinks the best thoughts of Allah [SWT].

Our Prophet [SAW] said in a hadith that to have good thoughts of Allah [SWT], it is of the perfection of worshiping Allah [SWT]. You want to worship Allah [SWT], you begin with the mind, you begin with your thoughts, you begin with where your waswasa goes. You want to worship Allah [SWT] before you look at your actions you look at your heart and you look at your mind. So how do you perfect your worship of Allah [SWT]? You have good thoughts about Allah [SWT]. 

Allah [SWT] says: “I am as my servant thinks I am”. So whoever thinks good thoughts will find the realization of those good thoughts. Whoever thinks bad thoughts will find the realization of that bad thought as well, what does all of this mean? 

Here are the four especially specific occasions that we should think positive thoughts. 

1.  When We’re Faced With a Calamity 

When we're trapped against a wall. When it looks like all the doors have been shut. When we are facing anxiety, stress, and grief worries our thoughts should think positive thoughts. We should say Allah [SWT] will take care of this. We should think Allah [SWT] will solve my problems. 

Just like the Prophet Yaqoob [AS] did. When he was waiting 20-30 years for Yusuf [AS]. He lost his son. He didn't lose hope in Allah [SWT]. He said Allah [SWT] will bring Yusuf [AS] back to me. Don't give up hope of the help of Allah [SWT]. Allah [SWT] will help us. 

So whatever your situation. Whether it is an economic problem, you're hunting for a job, you are in debt, you have financial issues, family problems, spouse issues, whether it is your son or daughter issues, sickness, global pandemic etc. We think the best thoughts. Insha Allah. Soon there will be a cure to this virus. Everything will be back to normal. We have positive thoughts of any negative situation. We assume the best that Allah [SWT] will take care of it. 

2. Whenever We Ask Allah For His Forgiveness 

When we want Allah's forgiveness. We always have positive thoughts of Allah [SWT]. For indeed Allah [SWT] forgives all sins. The hadith tells us that the one who gives up hope of Allah's mercy has committed the bigger sin than any sin he might have done. To think that Allah [SWT] will not forgive you is a bigger sin than any sin you could possibly have done. So we never give up hope of Allah's mercy. Allah's forgiveness. 

3. When We Make Dua to Allah [SWT], We Should Have Yaqeen 

Make Dua to Allah [SWT] and you have Yaqeen that Allah [SWT] will give you what you want or something better than that. The Prophet [SWT] said: Allah is so generous when his servants raise his hands to Allah. Allah is too shy to allow that hand to come back down without putting something in it. This is Allah [SWT]. Allah is kareem. He shall give and give and give. 

So whenever you raise your hands to Allah [SWT] for anything, have good thoughts. Allah [SWT] will give you what you are asking or something better than that. You don't know. But Allah knows. He shall give you something. So we have good thoughts of Allah [SWT] when we make dua. 

4. We have Good Thoughts of Allah [SWT] At The Time Of Death

Our Prophet [SAW] said: “Let none of you die except that you have the best thoughts about Allah [SWT]. That Allah shall forgive your sins and Allah shall give you good for what you have done”. 

A person was on his deathbed and the Prophet [SAW] asked him what is your state of mind. What do you think? He said: “Ya Rasulallah, I am worried about my sins. But I am hopeful. I have good expectations that Allah [SWT] shall forgive me”. 

The Prophet [SAW] said: “Never do these emotions combine at this point in time except that Allah [SWT] shall fulfill that good attitude.  

So these are the four occasions and there are more than these. Especially in these times let us be optimistic. Let us have good thoughts of Allah [SWT] and let us put our trust in Allah. That Allah [SWT] will give us better than our thoughts of him.

[Narrations From Dr. Yasir Qadhi]



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