Power of Doing Dhikr - Remembering Allah [SWT]


Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

It is a fact of human nature. When we desire something or when we are in need of something, we are constantly thinking about that object of desire. So then, the question arises the one who claims to love Allah [SWT]. The one who understands that he needs Allah [SWT] at all times.

How often do you think this person should be thinking about Allah [SWT]. The one who truly believes in Allah [SWT], understands our need towards Allah [SWT] and shows love of Allah [SWT]. This person will constantly be thinking of Allah [SWT]. 

In our religious tradition, the thinking of Allah [SWT] is called Dhikr. The remembrance of Allah [SWT]. Our Lord has commanded us in the Quran to remember him frequently. We praise him and mention his name in the morning and in the evening. Some of the important blessings that come from the remembrance of Allah [SWT]. These blessings are beyond number. 

Dhikr of Allah [SWT] gives life to the heart. The heart is as if it is dead and by doing Dhikr we are feeding the heart. Allah [SWT] tells us in the Quran that we are in need of everything. Our bodies and our souls. The soul is in need of nourishment just like the food. Just like the food nourishes the body. The Dhikr nourishes the soul. 

Our Prophet [SAW] said: The one who does Dhikr is alive. The one who does not do Dhikr is dead. Meaning what? The heart becomes dead when it doesn't do Dhikr. Just like the body dies when you don't feed it. So the heart will die when you don't feed it. 

Our Prophet [SWT] also told us that Dhikr of Allah [SWT] is a fortress that protects us from Shaytan. That is why before we enter the restroom we say Dhikr. That is why before we take our clothes to change them we say Dhikr. Our Prophet [SAW] said that when you say Bismillah before you change your clothes, then your body becomes protected. Shaytan cannot see you. 

Shaytan loves to see evil. He wants to make fun of you. He wants to see you in a state that is awkward. When we say Bismillah we are protected from Shaytan seeing us. So our Prophet [SAW] tells us of the blessings of Dhikr. Dhikr acts as a protection, as a barrier. 

The blessings of Dhikr bring about peace and a beautiful life. Allah [SWT] told Adam [AS] and through Adam [AS] all of us. Whenever there comes to you guidance, whoever follows the guidance shall not suffer or perish. But whoever turns away from my Dhikr. Shall live a miserable life. The Dhikr of Allah [SWT] will bring about a sweetness of life. The absence of Dhikr will bring about a miserable life. 

So this demonstrates for us that of the blessings of Dhikr is that when our hearts are constricted. When we feel the pain, the anguish, the suffering of any cause. All of us suffer daily. Whether it is financial, problems of the job, politics of the office or of our family, spousal issues, children's and health issues. We have been created to overcome pain and suffering. This Dunia is for pain and suffering. 

What is the medicine that will help us overcome that pain? 

The answer is Dhikr. Any time your heart is in distress, any time your mind cannot concentrate, any time you are finding yourself feeling a sense of emptiness, loneliness, depression, pessimism. Whatever it is. Allah [SWT] is telling us to do my Dhikr. I will make your life easier for you. That is why when our Prophet [SAW] felt the anguish of this Dunia. When there was something troubling him. He would stand up in order to pray. The prayer is the essence of Dhikr. 

The Prophet [SAW] said: whoever says “ La ILaha Illallah '' as his last breath shall enter Jannah. May Allah [SWT] make us say ‘la ilaha illallah’ at the time of our death. Now how do we guarantee that we will say “La ilaha illallah”? There is no guarantee. But the closest we can do. The best we can do is to frequently say “La ilaha Illallah” while we're alive. To make it our custom, our habit. To constantly say “la Ilaha Illallah”. 

We always say Dhikr. So that when we see the angel of death, the first thing that comes to our mind is not some vulgar curse word. It's not some other phrase that is of no relevance. The first thing that comes is what we have conditioned ourselves to say at times of calamity and distress. “La Ilaha Illallah”.  That's the blessings of Dhikr. Dhikr protects us on the day of judgment. 

Our Prophet [SWT] said: Seven are the people they shall be sheltered on the judgement day. When there is no shelter other than his shelter. Seven are the people. One of those people are; who did Dhikr of Allah [SWT]. 

When he's all alone, he remembers Allah [SWT]. When he remembers Allah [SWT] he becomes overwhelmed with emotion. Tears come down his eyes. The Prophet [SAW] said: “That man is one of the seven who shall be sheltered”. 



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