Natural Disasters Caused By Human Behavior


Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

Nowadays, Turkey, Italy, USA, Spain, France, Cyprus, Finland, Lebanon, Canada and Greece have fires. Germany, China, Belgium and the Netherlands have severe flooding. Brazil has snow. It really shocked me that so many extraordinary things are happening now. At that time, the central question was what have we done? 

People that are in touch with their Fitrah. With their inherent nature. They would ask themselves what have we done. What have we done that is causing this trouble? Whenever calamities confronted them, they would always ask themselves. This is something that human beings have now completely forgotten. We have spiritual Alzheimer's disease. That's why humanity is suffering from a type of spiritual Alzheimer's disease. 

We've forgotten who we are, who we belong to, where we've come from, where we're going, what we should be doing in the meantime. This is the state of humanity wherever you go, you see corruption in unbelievable, unprecedented manners. Things that really we haven't seen at this level. This is a global phenomenon.

It's happening all over the globe and it's something that should cause people to be intelligent. It should cause them consternation. It should cause them trouble in their hearts. Because these are people that Allah [SWT] says about them: “The people who believe are concerned about the signs of the hour, the signs of the last days”. They know that it's true from their lord. 

The Prophet [SAW] said: When you see Mecca, when you see holes drilled into the mountains of Mecca, holes are dug into the earth’. The Prophet [SAW] predicted that holes would be drilled through the mountains of Mecca. He says and you see the buildings of Mecca reaching the level of mountains, knowing that the shade of the hour has encompassed the planet. When the believers see these things, it concerns them. 

The Prophet [SAW] says: “The end of time won't come until you see mountains removed from their places.”

Now, the mountains were removed from Mecca. A mountain that the Prophet [SAW] walked in it’s shade. A mountain that the Prophet [SAW] is and probably climbed as a boy. That mountain is now removed. 

People in Arabian peninsula, having sexual intercourse on a public beach. This is the level of Fassad that is happening on our planet. The Prophet [SAW] said: “That the end of time won't come until people are like animals.” One of the signs of the end of time is that civilized people would walk with their thighs exposed in the market places.People live only for Dunya. These are the things that are happening around us.

In Surat Ibrahim, the essence of this surah is about reminding people to have patience, to have gratitude. That if you enumerate the blessings of Allah [SWT], you will never come to the end of them. You will never come to the end of the blessings. But human beings are insane. Human beings are oppressing themselves. This is a hyperbole form and Rhetoric. Excessively oppressive and Kaffar. Excessively ungrateful. Showing gratitude towards the blessings of Allah [SWT]. 

The prophets come to remind people to be in a state of gratitude. In Surat Ibrahim, Musa [AS] says to his people that Allah [SWT] promises he has declared to humanity; 

“If you show great gratitude I will give you more. I will show, I will give you more to be grateful for. But if you are ungrateful, all your blessings will be taken away.” 

People don't know blessings. People don't know what you've lost until it's gone. So, show more gratitude for Allah [SWT]. He will save us from all natural calamities.



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