Don't Show Off Your Blessings


Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

Life is not about showing. It's a problem across the globe. Where weddings today are becoming big and fancy.  Everyone struggles the amount of money that a community spends on a wedding goes into the billions. Because every person who attends wears a new set of clothing. There are so many people who are tailors today. Because that's a booming business. We need a new set of clothing. How can I wear the same one that I wore last week? 

That's an embarrassment. You can wear it. Why not? You are setting a trend that is dangerous. Our children will not be able to live it. They will have to steal to live it. They will have to do haram to live it. Let them utilize those resources in something more constructive. Just go with something plain and simple. It Looks good. May Allah [SWT] grant us forgiveness. We become such that we run behind these things if Allah [SWT] has blessed you with wealth. Alhamdulillah. 

But we have a problem. We are setting a trend. Be conscious. Others might not be able to afford it. In Europe and in other places, even in South Africa. People take Bank loans in order to show a wedding bigger than what they can manage. For what? Have it simple. Straight forward. Get a few people and that's it. 

But If you can afford it. Alhamdulillah. But like I said, be careful. You are setting a trend. Others will say what type of wedding is this. So Allah [SWT] says: “Utilize your wealth before poverty overtakes you”. How will poverty overtake you? A day will come when you won't have that money. The day will come when you will die with the money and leave it behind. 

One of the two. Either Allah [SWT] takes it away while you are alive. Which has happened to many or Allah [SWT] takes you away and leaves the wealth behind. What did you achieve by it? Did you deposit any of your money with Allah [SWT]? Or you just left it behind for your children to fight over. People fight over the wealth left by their parents.

When one wealthy person came to me and told me: 

“I have a problem with my son. My son told me: 

“Give me my inheritance now”. 

I say: “I'm alive”. 

Then he  says: “I don't care if you are alive or not. Give it to me now”. 

Give me my inheritance now. That statement is so dangerous it goes to show how lazy we are. 

How sometimes we haven't even taught our children to earn a living. But we have. We  haven't passed the battle on to the children. 

Be happy with what you have. Don't worry about others. Live in your capacity even if people think that you are a wealthy person. But you know you are not. Some people dress well. From their dressing, everyone thinks they must be multi-millionaires. But they are poorer than what you are thinking.  But they just know how to dress. That's all right. Masha'allah. 

There was another wealthy man. He was wearing a watch. I told him: “You have a nice watch”. He said I bought it for 20 Riyals in Makkah. From one of the shops that sell things for nothing. I said “Oh that's interesting”. He said: “But when I sell it, I'll sell it for 4000 US Dollars. I said “How”? He said: “People just offer me, because they think of me as a rich man. I'll be wearing a very expensive watch”. 

Personally, I cannot tell the difference between a Chinese product and another product. Sometimes those look more smart than the other ones. When you see an original Rolex. You look at it from China. What did you just say? You have embarrassed me, no I didn't. There are some in China that look better than this. By the way Chinese products are quite good to be very fake. It only depends how much you are willing to pay. 

When we have wealth. What are we giving to Allah [SWT]? He wants 2.5%. In most cases he wants only 2.5% from us. We find it so difficult to calculate it and to give it. Yet there is no merit for a person who does only his Fard except that he has fulfilled just the Fard. It's like a person going for salah. They do the Fard then walk out. What happens? Allah [SWT] tells you you want to gain real closeness. Don't just do what is compulsory. Do more. Sunnah, Nafila etc. 

Then you will get close to us. You are healthy. Why do you want to run out of the masjid immediately? Why do you want to rush out of your salah quickly? Do more. If you do 12 units of sunnah throughout the day, you will get Jannah. So why don't you read some sunnah, salah after your Fard. 

[Narrations From Mufti Menk]


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