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Things That Soften Your Heart

  Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,  If somebody has a weak heart in the physical world. What does he do? He had better start monitoring the disease. See what state your heart is in, what is your pulse, how strong or how weak, what is the strength of the heart, how weak is the heart and how soft is the heart. Of course this is done in many ways.  Back to your own religious life. You look at your own how much do you do of islam. How much does Allah [SWT] approach your life? You look at how much you remember Allah [SWT], basically look at how religious you are? Here are the things that soften your hearts and the way to approach Allah [SWT]; 1. Personal Religiosity The more religious you are the more it will be shown in your actions. So one of the pulses of the state of the heart is to see your own personal religiosity. What is your relationship with Allah [SWT]? How often do you think of Allah? How often do you turn to Allah? All of these things need to be monitored. Just like the s

Do Not Delaying Marriage-Allow Them To Get Marry

This is the way of Shaythan. The way of Shaythan in a society is, you make the haram easy and you make the halal difficult. That is the door to the unhealthy, the filthy, the impermissible is wide open.  When a young man comes to his parents and says: “I think I need to get married, I know I'm only in my third year of college”  But he doesn't say: ‘Dad my hormones are driving me crazy, the girls on campus, this one girl keeps texting me out.’  He's not going to talk like this to his Dad or his Mom. He's just going to say to mom ‘I think I need to get married’. He's going to code it in a nice way. Then what do parents do? They humiliate this young man.  ‘Oh can't hold it in huh? can't control yourself’?  We've done as parents oftentimes oppress and suppress what naturally Allah [SWT] puts inside of us especially in a time when the haram is wide open. Then you have to go out of your way to make the halal easy. You're trying to pretend that the world is

Dajjal Is Coming - Be Ready For Him

Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters. Dajjal. Who is called the Antichrist. This guy who's going to come out into this world according to what our prophet [SAW] be upon him told us about. He said that: Dajjal is going to come out and he is going to deceive people. He's going to be a deceiver.  A lie can get caught out pretty easily or in a little while you can defragment, you can find that person as a liar. But, when you say that something is deceptive. Deceptive means that it's mixed with the truth. You've got truth and false. You start mixing it, you start manipulating people to make them think that something is real but it's not. It's really a fake thing. It takes much longer to find out the lie when somebody is a deceiver. Today we call them professional liars. They exist everywhere. Especially the young people.  What is Dajjal going to tell people first? He's going to tell people that “I am Jesus Christ, The son of Mary. The real Messiah”. He's goi